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Recently Amex introduced a new program, Plenti! The biggest feature of it is that it is an add-on program, and don’t have conflicts with any rebates, it is coming out naturally, return for free, so i call it the icing on the cake.

1. Brief introduction

Plenti is a jointly introduced loyalty program by Amex and many business giants of various fields. When you become a member of plenti program, you will get return in designated sellers regardless of your payment method and no matter you joined the feedback project of themselves or not. This returns are available to earn and use in every areas. Amex say that this project will change the credit Score rules.

Plenti points value; one point equal to one cent

Partners: Mobile: AT&T. Gas: Exxon/Mobil. Supermarket: Macy’s. Pharmacy: Rite Aid. Insurance: nationwide. Power: Direct Energy. Movies: Hulu. Car Rental: Enterprise, National, Alamo.

2. Application

You can direct apply for the card in, they will sent it to your email. Or you can direct get it by joining the sellers like Macy’s. The card is composed by one standard size card and one small key ring card, you can take along either of them. Or you can download an App and use the electric card of APP, and you can bring nearly nothing at all. Before the consumption and payment, give the card to the Cashier for scanning is enough, other payment steps keep unchanged, you will earn more Plenti points for free. Amazing?

3. How to Earn Plenti Points

3.1. Normal spending in your partner sellers

AT&T:connect your plenti card number in your AT&T account, and you will earn some points automatically when you pay the bills every month, one dollar equal to one point, holder of family plan can also earn hundred points each month? Spending in AT&T business hall are also one dollar one point.

Exxon/Mobil: earn one point for one Gallon gas, something is better than nothing. Non-gas spending in the Gas station shop one Gallon earn two points.

Macy’s: earn one point by spending every ten dollars, spending on cosmetics and perfumes are every ten dollars earn two points. But if you connect the own credit card of plenti and Macy’s, and pay by own credit card, it’s one dollar earn one point, and cosmetics and perfumes are one dollar earn two points.

Rite Aid: earn the points according to the instructions on the shop Sign. For example, days before there are 1000 points earned by buying two pack diapers, 300 points earned by buying toothpaste,etc.

Nationwide: for automobile and property insurance, three dollars earn one point.

Direct Energy: connect Plenti to your own account, one dollar earns one point in monthly payment.

Enterprise, National, Alamo: car rental one dollar earn one point.

3.2. Offer

Check the existing Offer on Plenti website or phone APP, some need manual activation, like Amex offer. Complete the requirements as per Offer terms, and then earn the point automatically. There are many kinds of Offer, for instant, pay a car insurance quota in Nationwide will get some easier offer like 1000 points. And also for each time oil adding in Exxon/Mobil,you will earn 200 points, 1250 points for three days car rental, and spending in Macy’s will earn tenfold points offer. I still remember last time i bought 3 dollars Colgate toothpaste in Rite Aid and earned 300 points Plenti offer, the author activated the offer on the phone and got two toothpastes happily.

Offer is the fastest way to earn the Plenti points, and a lot of them are free offer, just pay some attention weekly on it and get the paid offer , and your points will lift like a rocket.

3.3. Household Offer

Very similar to the above using method. The partner is Rite Aid and its designated supermarkets. Connect the plenti card to the membership card of the supermarkets who attend the program, purchase the offer designated goods and you will earn the corresponding points. There is not a detailed list of supermarkets who attend the program now, but you can search if there were supermarkets or not nearby zip code who attend the program in this website , the author randomly test dozens of zip code, and only K-mart is the moderately famous one, personally i don’t think it’s fun.

3.4. Plenti Shopping Portal

Compare with the shopping portals we introduced in A Powerful Way to Save Money: Shopping Portals, rewards in Plenti shopping portal are not powerful enough in present situation, and less of attraction.

3.5. Inappropriate method

Plenti credit card, earn one point by spending one dollar. This is a bad card, don’t apply. Remember that the card we want to apply is NOT the Plenti credit card.

Amex Membership Rewards can transfer points to it, as per 5:4 ratio. Yes , you are right, 500MR transfer 400 Plenti. Recently there are 25% additional offer, i.e. 500MR transfer 500 Plenti. The only one who is appropriate for this way: planning to close all MR card, but there are 500 changes and can’t transfer it to other frequency traveler plan, it can be transferred to Plenti, better than wasting.

4. How to Use Plenti Points

Although there are many ways to earn Plenti points, but present there are only seldom ways to redeem. You can spending with Plenti Points at one point one cent ratio in Macy’s, Exxon/Mobil, Rite Aid and AT&T. The advantage is that the minimum redemption requirements are only 200 points, i.e. 2 dollars, and you can spending at any values more than two dollars and no Rounding requirements,etc, so we can say that Plenti points nearly don’t have the problems of “No redemption with Rounding”.

5. Summary

Plenti is a newly introduced program, the points value is very limited in present. But the pattern of icing on the cake of Plenti is deserve to write the application and get one card in your pulse.

What’s more, according to my experience of each major sellers, Plenti program is comparable popular, you can see the advertisements everywhere, so we have the confidence for the points value increasing in the future.

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