AwardHacker Review: The Best Award Flight Search Engine! (2017.11 Update: Added TYP->AV Transfer Partnership)


2017.11 Update: Added the recent TYP->AV transfer partnership. BTW, the recent UA, DL, etc. devaluations are also updated in our system.

Those of us who have been doing this long enough have found that it is easy to earn points but very difficult to use them. I believe many of us here have already accumulated millions of points and miles. However, it is really not straight forward to burn all these points with decent value. Although there are a lot of airline miles guides in travel blogs, unless you have spent a lot of time doing research, the following key problems still remain to be solved: I want to fly from A to B, which airline mile costs me the least amount of miles? What’s the best redemption if I only have one specific kind of currency?

Now here comes the solution, AwardHacker!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 15.59.00

A screen shot of AwardHacker.

Coming Soon…

  • Fuel charge and tax information
  • Routing rules
  • More frequent flyer programs support, including fixed value programs

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