Amazon Allowance Guide (2015.8 Update)


2015.8 Updated: Amazon Allowance now has a minimum amount of each transaction: $5 (The transactions that have already been setup will still work fine). The EDP strategy is no longer suitable while the BBR is still good.

The Better Balance Rewards (BBR) issued by BoA is a credit card with distinctive features. Its rewards are based on payment on time rather than the amount of spending. If you use the auto-payment function to pay off your monthly bill, you are earning $120 each year without thinking about it. To qualify for the monthly credit card transactions, you may try Amazon Allowance. It is a new feature launched recently by Amazon, which allows automatic credit card transactions on a monthly basis (a minimum of $5 each transaction). It seems that Amazon Allowance and BBR are a good match.

Now we will show you how to set up an automatic transaction in the Amazon Allowance. Log in with your Amazon account, click “Your Account” button on the top right, and then click ”Your Allowance” indicated by the red box. Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.37.37 PM

It then shows all the outgoing and incoming allowances. Since there are not any allowances at this moment, you can add your account by clicking the the top right of “Give An Allowance” as show below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.39.39 PM

Then you can add your allowance, fill your email address in the ”Recipient”, and at least $5 in the “Amount”, and choose “weekly” in the “Frequency” and “BBR” in the “Payment Method”. Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.41.06 PMEverything is done after your confirmation. Amazon Allowance is more convenient than the Amazon Gift Card, as it saves the trouble of copying the code. In addition, you’d better to set the automatic payment for the BBR in the website of BoA and automatic addition of $30 per month into the BoA checking/saving account . So you can get the money freely and use up your balance in the Amazon account.

In addition, if you can spend more than $150 in the Amazon, you may consider the AmEx EveryDay Preferred (EDP) task that requires at least 30 payments each month. By completing this task, you are getting a 7.2% return with supermarket spendings and 2.4% return with other spendings.

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